"The Independent Voters of America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding voter choice and citizen participation in the electoral process."

Formed by a group of experienced and independent political thinkers, The Independent Voters of America is an open think tank and forum for independent voters across the United States. This group successfully produced and ran a tough election ad in 2004. Contributions were used to purchase air time in Wisconsin. Click here to see the spot or learn more.


As America's leaders fight pre-emptive wars abroad and ordinary Americans fight to keep their heads above water here at home, Arianna Huffington offers a no-holds-barred account of where we stand, and a clear and remarkable vision of where we should be headed. Taking aim at the ruthless fanatics in the Bush White House and the feckless fools in the all-too-compliant Democratic opposition, the best-selling author of PIGS AT THE TROUGH paints a scathing picture of our contemporary political landscape -- peopled with scoundrels, cowards, and out-and-out lunatics, and awash in the constant and corrosive flow of dirty money.

"Arianna is a flaming idealist with a biting wit. I love that combination!
It's not just what Arianna says that I savor, it's how she says it.
The core values she articulates are ideals that every American aspires to."
- Joan Blades

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